Tea cosies

Tea Pots and Cosies

According to the story books:
“In the mid-1800s, England’s Duchess of Bedford introduced a social activity to her peers that became a daily custom — the practice of serving afternoon tea.
While elite members of society chatted about current affairs, a hand-knitted teapot cover known as a tea cozy, or tea cosy, kept the British from having to imbibe chilled tea.

During the late 19th-century Victorian era, tea cozy popularity soared in Britain and spread overseas to North America.”
Barb had this collection of exquisite fine china miniature tea pots that she is displaying here.

Knowing that the enjoyment of tea drinking can be enhanced by the use of an original hand stitched tea cozy to keep the pot warm, she sent the tea pots off to a lady in Australia to have petit point cosies made up to match the design in the tea pots.

I think England’s Duchess of Bedford would be green with envy if she could see them.

Did you know…a cozy keeps your tea pot cozy and warm while a koozie keeps your beer cool?

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