Lucky Strike Saloon


The Lucky Strike Saloon is a watering hole for the working man.

Much of the water here is undrinkable so whisky is the drink of choice. And this saloon has lots of it.

Cowboy boots and spurs are acceptable dress so the range worker can tie up his horse out front and “belly up” to the bar where there is always a full glass and a friendly face to shoot the breeze with. No guns are allowed at the Lucky Strike so that is the only shooting allowed.

Sometimes one full glass leads to another and another until friendly chatter turns into arguments and fist fights. A call to the RCMP quickly brings an officer to the scene to break it up and send them packing on their horses.
Impaired driving is not an issue here.

The back room offers a gaming table for poker or dice. An intelligent man with a good memory and mathematical sharpness has a great advantage here. He can either go home with money in his pouch or a broken nose from a sore loser. They’re each hoping this is the day for a “lucky strike”.

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