Canada has the biggest concentration of greenhouses in North America. Some of the greenhouses cover 50 acres; that’s an area bigger than 30 football fields.

Greenhouses are widely used to grow plants and flowers in Canada because of the cold weather. They come in many shapes and sizes, with different functions. Some people have small greenhouses in their backyard, or a lean-to attached to their home, called mini greenhouses.

I guess you would call this a mini mini greenhouse.
This mini greenhouse belongs to a person who just likes gardening and finds it a way to relax as evidenced by the cup of tea on the bench along with a transistor radio. Or perhaps it’s an excuse to escape work in the house.

And it’s appropriate that a hedgehog has found haven here for it’s believed that the hedgehog is to remind you to take time to enjoy life, no matter what is happening otherwise. It’s also a symbol that planting and gardening are very beneficial to you.

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