Canadian Trapper Cabin

West Coast Trapper’s Cabin

Nearly a century ago, Albert had his trap line in the Upper Copper River (near Terrace BC). He lived in his cabin all winter for it was a 30 mile hike to the nearest road.

In place of a flashlight, the “Bug” was used. The Bug was a candle pushed into the side of a jam can. You can find the Bug hanging on the rear of the Cabin.

On the side of the cabin is what is known by outdoorsmen as the “Johnson Bar”. As they didn’t have an outhouse, it was used in times of need.

The “BC Woodstove” is a replica of ones used since frontier days in camps and trappers cabins in the back country. This one is made from tar paper but the real ones were made of sheet metal. Albert kept his entire cabin warm with the stove and an interesting feature is the “oven” in the stovepipe that can be used for baking, even bread.

I wove the Hudson’s Bay blanket on my loom and the pottery is hand made by a friend of mine. I was a city girl but my husband knew Albert and told me what needed to go into the cabin.

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