What better place to find history than in a cemetery. Not everyone likes cemeteries but I love macabre and am especially fascinated with Ross Bay Cemetery, one of the oldest in Victoria.

It can be a great place to learn about local history and genealogy. Most of them are carefully laid out with paths, trees and benches. On a beautiful afternoon, you can walk amongst the graves to observe the grave markers and learn about the community through the people resting there.

You can find the resident’s date of birth and death, and often relationships with others (recorded ones only) and other family members. From the grave marker you might also find other clues about them such as “she was a friend to all“ or pictures of symbols that tell you more, like a tugboard, a guitar or a poker hand.

The carving style and material used in a grave marker may identify the monument maker. The symbols used identify religious denominations, ethnic groups, social classes, and occupations. A larger and more elaborate grave marker probably marks a wealthy or person of status in the community. A simple white cross often marks a soldier’s grave.

A cemetery is generally a quiet place, and people are respectful when visiting there. However, I have no idea what happened to interrupt the burial taking place here and why is a ghost lingering there. Does he know he’s dead, and if so, why linger here when he could be out haunting the living?

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