Canadian Inventions

Canadian inventors have given the world some of the greatest inventions. In fact, some of the inventions have changed the world. Zippers, paint rollers, garbage bags are part of our daily life now.

After hearing the haggling between a farmer and a hotelier complaining of getting runny yolks, Coyle, a Canadian created, and later patented, a container that would carry a dozen eggs at once in a box that suspended and supported each one without letting it touch the other. The demand for this box actually grew around the world and he patented it in several countries.

Look around you at the things we take for granted every day. An Inuit in the Canadian Arctic invented sunglass for snow blindness. Peanut butter was first patented by a Canadian.

Is there a Robertson screwdriver in your toolbox? When a screw driver blade slipped and cut Peter Robertson’s hand he created a new type of screw, a square-headed one that stayed in place better and turned smoother.

And let’s remember -Insulin,
Blackberry, Ebola Vaccine, Time zones, and new technologies in Quantum Space, some Canadian Inventions which have also changed the world.

Governor-General David Johnson says Canadian Innovators have made the world smarter, smaller, kinder, safer, healthier, wealthier and happier. We can be proud to be Canadian.

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