Brothel – Lynne Landygo
Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession and has been woven into the fabric of Canadian Society since early times.

Although brothels are illegal in Canada, they provide a sexual outlet for men and a safe place for prostitutes to work and make a good income. Most sex workers are shunned by society, but it was one of the few jobs that gave women financial freedom.

Brothels provided a safe place for working girls rather than setting up shop on a street corner.

This Madam began as a prostitute herself, and it allowed her to earn enough money to buy her own house and set up a brothel in her residence. She treated her ladies well and in return, they treated her clients well.

She created one of the best places to work and her brothel gained such popularity, many well- known and public figures passed through her doors. They gave her autographed 8×10 glossy pictures that adorned the walls of the reception room.

They appreciated a professional run business where they could choose from sexy, innocent or cowgirl ladies to entertain them.

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