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GALLERY 150 – Anne
The story of Canada’s rich heritage is represented in its art history.

Art in Canada is marked by thousands of years of habitation by First Nations Peoples followed by waves of immigration from Europe, Asia, and artists from all corners of the world.

The nature of Canadian art reflects these diverse origins, as artists have taken their traditions and adapted these influences to reflect their lives in Canada.
What you will find in Gallery 150 is a miniscule slice of Canadian Art History and I hope it will encourage you to visit an Art Gallery and discover your favourite artist or work of art.
The sculpture garden (reproduced in the style of the artists) is the work of Janice VanBeek and Anne Saunders. Paintings in the Gallery are to scale as close as possible however I have taken some liberties as when donated frames just had to be used.

The art in the gallery shop is not to scale as in any gallery shop. All works of art are by Canadian artists with the exception of one and the subject was too representative to not include.
The earth without art is just EH.

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